Beurer Connect World: HealthManager

ONE 4 ALL – modern health management!

The HealthManager from Beurer –
the core of the Beurer Connect World.
The Beurer Connect World products are outstanding because they not only save
and display measurements on the device itself; users can also transfer the data to a computer. 
Some devices also feature mobile applications
for smartphones. Important system: the HealthManager !

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Optimal weight control using an app and software

The HealthManager software supports you with your personal training planning and monitoring as well as with your health management. The measured values are transferred to the HealthManager software via a USB cable, and the data is then clearly displayed in graph and table views. This innovative product line includes not only blood pressure monitors, but also personal and diagnostic scales which allow you to keep an eye on your measurements and body data at all times – when at home or away.

Your data is saved securely and, if you wish, you can access it at any time either locally or online

Both the HealthManager software and the HealthManager app are available to you for download free of charge. All products that are marked with the HealthManager logo can be managed in HealthManager. You can also find an overview of all compatible products under Products – HealthManager. The type of transfer may vary from product to product: either a classic transfer via USB to the computer or directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart technology. Your personal health data can be stored locally or synchronised between your systems using the online version of HealthManager – using a PC or iOS.




Free of charge The innovative HealthManager is available for you to download free of charge as a software programme or an app. You can use the HealthManager with all products that are marked with the HealthManager logo.

Easy to use
Extremely easy to install and user-friendly

Quick and convenient The application is designed specifically to suit your needs – with a time-saving and convenient display

At home and on the move On your PC, on the move and via the app – your personal evaluations and data can be accessed any time and anywhere


HealthManager APP

Your health data always by your side. Whether you’re visiting the doctor or on holiday, you can access your data at any time with the free HealthManager app. You can download this for free from the app store. The app allows you to manage data with a host of products. The intuitive operation enables you to navigate easily between the sections of weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and activity. Each section has a cockpit with a clear and informative display of the most recent measurements. On the other pages, progress graphics and measurement tables provide you with a quick overview of the measurements.

HealthManager App
Supported devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad (4th generation/3rd generation), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation). Download it on the App Store here.

Download on the App Store

Your personal health data with you at all times – on your own smartphone

The two new products – the BF 800 diagnostic scale and the BM 85 blood pressure monitor – transfer your measurements to the HealthManager app securely, quickly and conveniently via Bluetooth® Smart, meaning the values can be displayed and retrieved directly on your smartphone. In addition, the data can be transferred to the HealthManager software at any time.


HealthManager software

Software HealthManager Beurer
The HealthManager software is also free and is available for you in our download area. This enables you to analyse your body values even more closely – be it from the comfort of your own home on your PC or when you are on the go. The software has additional views and settings for an individual, extensive evaluation of the body values. The various functions then allow the data to be conveniently exported or sent to the doctor. Moreover, the data in the HealthManager system can be easily synchronised at any time.