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HealthManager – health management made simple

The days of hand-written notes about daily blood pressure values, blood glucose measurements or weight progress are now a thing of the past. In the context of Beurer Connect World, Beurer is offering a growing series of innovative products. This makes it possible for you to transfer the measured values quickly, reliably and conveniently via USB or Bluetooth® Smart to your PC or mobile end devices and then to manage all of your personal health values in a single solution – the HealthManager!

Managing your measurements easily and conveniently from your home computer.

A software programme for more than one product group. With this software, you can track your weight data, and your blood pressure and blood glucose values any time and anywhere. You would like to compare your blood pressure values from a particular period of time with your weight data? No problem: in the HealthManager, you can switch between these categories at any time. Your doctor would be interested in these values? Export the values from the software as a PDF file and then send them directly using the integrated e-mail function.

Discover how the HealthManager from Beurer can support you every day with your health management.

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