• 2 x 60 memory spaces / Average value calculation
  • Risk indicator
  • Arrhythmia detection: warning in case of possible heart rhythm disturbance
  • Medical product
  • Optimal control of the upper arm circumference with cuff for upper arm circumferences 22 - 36 cm
  • Time and date
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Signal in case of application error
  • Automatic measurement during inflation:
    for fast and comfortable measurement
  • Battery charge state display
  • Included USB power mains part, cuff holder and
    storage pouch
    tested by the Institut Prof. Dr. Kurscheid
    Icon: Aesculap Beurer Health & Well-being

    Medical device
    Risk indicator Risk indicator

    Classification of measurements with coloured scale
    Icon: resting indicator Resting indicator

    Patented resting indicator for exact measurement results.
    lithium-ion battery Rechargeable lithium ion battery

    Very powerful with LED displays for the charging function and temperature settings
    Icon: irregular heart rhythm Arrhythmia detection

    This instrument can identify possible heart rhythm disturbance during measurement and if necessary indicates the measurement.
    HealthManager Beurer Health Manager

    Innovative and safe health monitoring with the Beurer HealthManager.
    Supported devices * Supported devices
    A list of devices compatible with the HealthManager app*, as well as further products from Beurer Connect World are available here.

    Bluetooth Bluetooth® technology

    Automatic transfer via Bluetooth® technology
    BM 85
    Blutdruckmessgerät: Modell BM 85
    BM 85
    Upper arm blood pressure monitor
    Beurer HealthManager
    Bluetooth® low energy technology
    Upper arm
    2 x 60
    22 - 36 cm
    174 x 99 x 48 mm
    Blutdruckmessgerät: Modell BM 40

    BM 40
    Blutdruckmessgerät: Modell BM 44

    BM 44
    Blutdruckmessgerät: Modell BM 45

    BM 45
    Sprechende Blutdruckmessgerät: Modell BM 49

    BM 49
    Blutdruckmessgerät: Modell BM 55

    BM 55
    Blutdruckmessgerät: Modell BM 57

    BM 57
    Blutdruckmessgerät: Modell BM 58

    BM 58
    BM 77 Bluetooth®

    BM 77 Bluetooth®
    Blutdruckmessgerät mit EKG Funktion: Modell BM 95

    BM 95