SE 80 SleepExpert
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  • Sleep Expert SE 80
The sleep sensor SE 80 SleepExpert from Beurer was awarded with the Health-i Award in the category "company"
Distinguished with Plus X Award in the category HIGH QUALITY + EASE OF USE
tested by the Institut Prof. Dr. Kurscheid
  • Functions to detect interruptions in your breathing
  • Sleep diary
  • Individual tips for a better sleep
  • Moon phase display
  • Fresh Wake function to help you wake up well-rested in the appropriate sleep phase
  • Use and recording via beurer SleepExpert app for free
  • Energy-saving Bluetooth® low energy technology
  • Includes power unit
    Sleep Expert Beurer SleepExpert
    Enjoy life more after a good night's sleep with the Beurer SleepExpert app.
    Bluetooth Bluetooth® technology

    Automatic transfer via Bluetooth® technology
    SE 80 SleepExpert
    SE 80
    SE 80 SleepExpert
    Sleep Sensor
    Beurer Sleep Expert
    Bluetooth® low energy technology
    Includes power unit
    Ø 170 x 10 mm
    approx. 234 g (Sensor with power unit)