• Graduation: 0.1% for body fat, body water and muscle percentage, 100g for weight and bone mass
  • Athlete mode with 5 activity levels
  • 180 kg capacity
  • 8 user memory which can each store up to
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Quick start
  • Change over to kg/lb/st
  • Overload indication
  • 3 x AAA 1,5V batteries included


    Beurer HealthManager System – achieve optimal weight control in four steps

    • 3. User allocation:
      Continue user allocation according to the instructions on the app*. For automatic personal recognition, the first measurement must be assigned to your personal user data. When you step onto the scale for future measurements, the scale will automatically recognise you as one of the eight possible users.

    • 4. Weighing yourself:
      Now step onto the scale and weigh yourself. The values will automatically be allocated to you as the user.

      tested by the Institut Prof. Dr. Kurscheid
      HealthManager 1. Beurer HealthManager App
      Start the app and follow the instructions.
      BF800: Pairing function 2. Pairing
      Press the Pairing button.

      BF800: User assignment 3. User allocation
      Follow the app* instructions to set up automatic personal recognition.

      BF800: weighing platform 4. Weighing yourself
      Measuring your weight, carrying out diagnostics

      TÜV-certificated data security TÜV-certificated data security

      Audited online application
      Beurer HealthManager cloud
      Supported devices * Supported devices
      A list of devices compatible with the HealthManager app*, as well as further products from Beurer Connect World are available here.

      Beschichtung: ITO Coating

      ITO (= Iindium Tin Oxide) coated platform
      Bluetooth Bluetooth® technology

      Automatic transfer via Bluetooth® technology
      BF 800 white
      Diagnosewaagen: Modell BF 800 white
      BF 800 white
      Diagnostic bathroom scale
      Beurer HealthManager
      Bluetooth® low energy technology
      0,1 %
      0,1 %
      0,1 %
      100 g
      100 g / 180 kg
      32.4 x 32.4 x 2.5 cm
      Diagnosewaagen: Modell BF 100

      BF 100 Body Complete
      BF 600 Pure Black

      BF 600 Pure Black
      BF 600 Pure White

      BF 600 Pure White
      BF 600

      BF 600 style
      Diagnosewaagen: Modell BF 710

      BF 710 BodyShape pink
      Diagnosewaagen: Modell BF 710 Turquoise

      BF 710 BodyShape turquois
      Diagnosewaagen: Modell BF 800 black

      BF 800 black